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Out on the 1st Oct

Burnout to Bold

by Marie Jenkins

From a flickering light to a bold flame

Pre-order now on Kindle RRP £4.49 for £1.79 if ordered before 1st Oct.

A paper copy of our book RRP £12.99 out on the 1st Oct. Get your signed copy direct from me for a special price of £10 plus postage. Email me for your copy at 




Available for Download

5 Ways to Wellbeing Booklet

This is the 5 Ways to wellbeing Booklet to help you to set new goals and transform your life..

What Wellbeing means to me Handout

This Handout will help you explore what wellbeing means to you. If you're looking to achieve wellbeing, you have to look within first.

Health Check Handout

Using this handout will help you to identify bad habits and change them to healthier and positive changes

Reflection Handout

Use reflection to get in touch with your emotions and give yourself the space you need to capture them.

My Gratitude Notes

Identify things in your life that you're grateful for and take a note to help to practice mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

My Pledge card

By keeping a record of your promises, you're more likely to achieve them.

Childhood:My personal experiences Handout

Often in life we are moving from one experience to another. This handout gives you an opportunity to see what has shaped you in your life.

Values and Beliefs to positive behaviours handout

Self awareness of our own values and beliefs is something that can help you to make positive change behaviours. This handout will help you with this

Mindset Test

This is an opportunity to assess what type of mindset you have, and change it if you need to.

Leadership Strengths Handout

We all have the capability to be a leader, this handout helps to identify your strengths and areas to build on.