Is Leadership a popularity contest?

What a great time to be writing a blog on Leadership, in fact, I had already written my blog on Leadership for November when I had a change of heart, partly due to the recent events. It's okay the one I had intended on sharing was ' Leadership is for the over 50's!' (Controversial), I will release next week instead. With the recent US elections and the appointment of Joe Biden as the president-elect, it's a good time to look at the qualities that are needed to be a formidable

No Bells and Whistles, just a real-life story!

Confidence is one of those words that gets batted around a lot and many people will feel it has taken a knock during the COVID epidemic, though being in lockdown and self-isolation. Some people have some trepidation about just going back out or returning to work. That’s completely understandable. So, what is confidence and how can I get it back and when am I going to feel more confident to achieve XYZ?? Well, the simple answer to all of these questions is, that you have got i