2020 the year of Mindfulness

This year as a result of COVID, two lockdowns, and numerous changes to the tier systems we have had a year of constant change. For many people, it has brought huge amounts of positives opportunities and it has resulted in creativity and learning of new skills.

I wanted to use this blog as an opportunity, an opportunity to look at how these people have managed to thrive when many have struggled with their mental health and have felt that they been left behind. So why is it, that there seems to be a huge divide between these failures & successes?

I believe it starts with your interpersonal skills, how you view the world, and ultimately what type of mindset you have. In order to thrive, you need to have numerous skill sets, I know because I learned many of them when I recovered from poor mental health and that's the reason why my whole business was developed; To help people achieve their full potential and succeed whatever life gives to you. For me, the most important skill set, you need is one of self-care. In order to help others, you need to be looking after yourself first. That's why I believe Mindfulness is so important. It has become a buzzword this year and that is great. So many people, now know what it means and more, that they actually practice it on a regular basis.

Now mindfulness is a huge area and I am only going to scratch the surface in this blog, I just felt it important to use this as an opportunity to recognise the benefits to us to practice it on a more regular basis.

  • Calm the overthinking brain

  • Gives you time for reflection

  • Time and space for new thinking

  • Beneficial to your mental and physical health

  • Reduce stress levels and feelings of hopelessness

  • Awareness of your surroundings and environment

  • Thankful for your loved ones and what you have.

  • Living in the present moment

I called this blog the year of Mindfulness because I truly believe that from the successful people that I have spoken to over the course of this year. The common denominator is that they all practice Mindfulness in one way or another. That is not to say that they have not had challenges like many others but it's how they face these and turn them into positives and practice mindfulness that has to lead them to manage change in the best way they could.

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