Coaching Success is all about the Right Fit.

Coaching was something that I did when I was a kid, getting up early with a picnic of chicken wings and cold toast and climbing aboard our coach for a holiday in Blackpool. Okay, so I am joking here but why is it, that a Coaching profession is booming all around the world according to Forbes magazine?

You may remember that I posted a guest blog from Alan C Clark last August on 'Coaching to a Solution'. The premise of that blog was to demonstrate that using a coach can aid you in your business to a solution-focussed way forward and that is still as relevant today.

You can find coaches in all different parts of our lives, be it sports coaches, life coaches, business coaches to name just a few. In a world where this particular profession is booming across the world. I want to look at things people should consider before they rush to join the coaching revolution.

Things to consider

  • Values and Beliefs

Every business has sets of values and beliefs that shape the culture within, hopefully, these are developed by a cross-section of the workforce and following consultation with the whole workforce but if your an entrepreneur or a small business start-up, it is important to look at this when your first starting out. I would say you should do this before you even consider using a coach this is to ensure you get the right fit from your coach and then you can revisit this once you begin working together. How the heck do I do this?? It's okay panic not.

  • Think Lean

Why, do you need to invest in appointing a coach in the first place? Take it from me, when I first started my business as an entrepreneur, every decision I was making was my sole responsibility and every decision was made at a fast pace. I get it right, you want to get your business off the ground and start generating cash flow but this is the point. You sometimes in life need to invest to save in the long run. Having a business coach for me sooner could have saved me a lot of diversification and ultimately helped me focus on the path ahead. Nothing in life is perfect and on reflection, I have still learned loads from my journey but what if you could be leaner and hit the ground running? I'd definitely recommend you do this.

  • Coaching is...

Ultimately, by appointing a coach you should start to generate results based on your own thoughts and goals. Coaches are there to ask questions and help you move your business on and increase your confidence. They are not there to tell you how to run your business. That is why it is vital that you understand the difference between mentoring and coaching. You could even benefit from being trained in coaching yourself, especially if you have aspirations to grow your business and employ people. This is the approach that will benefit your business culture in the long run and help you attract the very best talent out there.

  • My Checklist

I met a number of different coaches and they all seem like wonderful people, both men, and women, promising to help you have the business success you crave. I am going to be a little bit controversial here but I do want to remind you, that there is no one expert out there that will turn you into a multi-billion pound business overnight. What you will find is that they all have varying levels of expertise and experience in different fields and each one will help you in different ways. So it is useful to have a checklist and have the confidence to see this process as you would, if appointing a new member of staff. The relationship should be one of mutual respect and one that will build over time. Get in touch if you want an informal chat about what I did or if you would like a copy of my checklist on tel 07583474539

Coaching is important and makes a huge difference to your business if you get it right. Working with Alan C Clark has been the right fit for me, even though he has many years of experience in manufacturing industries like car production and currently helps small to medium size businesses in a coaching capacity. He is the right fit for me, it just works!

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