How to improve your Emotional Wellness!

As we emerge from the pandemic, well-being has been a topic that is discussed more and more. Your emotional wellness is hugely affected by your level of emotional intelligence and in this blog, I will share with you my tips on how you can build your emotional intelligence to achieve your full potential and improve your interpersonal skills.

Emotional Intelligence is about regulating our emotions and more importantly managing our behaviours & regulating our behaviour with increased levels of self-awareness. The other area to explore more is how we build relationships with others. Most people put the biggest amount of effort into a relationship once they first meet or as some people call it the honeymoon phase. The reality is all relationships take constant effort and work. For those people that make a concerted effort in building and maintaining their relationships, they are more likely to have deeper and enriching ones.

Here are some ways being self-aware can help you.

  1. It can help you to recognise your core strengths, the things you really excel in and also the areas that you're not so great at. Then you are in a position to learn more and/or do things differently.

  2. When you have a heightened level of self-awareness you are more likely to feel motivated to take action.

  3. You can recognise others perceptions and moderate your behaviour, these are qualities you find in great leaders for example

  4. You can build better personal & work relationships, by having a greater emotional awareness of how your emotions affect your behaviour, reactions and responses in any situation

  5. It can help you to question yourself and find your true passions, the things that get you out of bed in the morning, the things that give you the determination and motivation to see things through. If you're passionate about something, you more likely going to have additional resources in your wellbeing bank to see you through those less successful times.

  6. It can help you concentrate on things you take enjoyment from and perhaps delegate to other things you enjoy less. I appreciate this is not always possible and you will have some tasks you enjoy less than others but once you have a heightened level of self-awareness it will give you the resilience you need to complete a less favourable task. Sometimes we all have to do things we wouldn't necessarily choose to do, but they have to be done. So it's worth doing those less favourable tasks first, say at the start of the day and then moving on to the more favourable one’s after. This is guaranteed to boost your happy hormones, one because you have achieved the one thing you don't enjoy and secondly because you were able to spend more time on doing the things you do.

Relationship Strategies

  1. Avoid giving mixed signals, consistency is important to help people build those lasting relationships. Do what you say and say what you mean.

  2. Remember the little things. Gave thanks or praise. Being grateful or having gratitude can help to remind us of the simple pleasures in life.

  3. Actively seek out feedback, rather than wait for it to come to you. Other people's feedback is the best source of information in terms of personal development.

  4. Build Trust, the bedrock of any relationship has trust at the core. It is important to remember that trust is one of the key components of any successful relationship and it can take time to build, although it can be empowering to give trust right from the start of a relationship.

We hope you found this blog useful and if you would like to learn how we could help you with online Emotional Intelligence training then you could contact us on tel 07583474539 or email

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