Leadership is for the over 50's!

I do wonder what the younger generation thinks of Leadership, after a year when there has been a lot of criticism of our Leaders. Have they been put off from considering themselves as a future leader or have they thought actually, I could have done a better job? The fact is, we need to nurture the leaders of tomorrow from an early age while in school. Give confidence, self-belief, and self-esteem all those interpersonal skills that are needed to make strong and stable leaders.

There is an old debate, as to whether leaders are born or made and I genuinely believe that anyone could be a leader. Of course, you will inherit a certain DNA that could mean you have a propensity to lead like your parents or grandparents before you, but ultimately Leadership is something that can be learned over time. It does of course require you to have a certain number of interpersonal skills like; Excellent Communicator, Positive Mindset, Empowering, and a Visionary. This is not an exhausting list and it does not mean you are not able to be a leader if you have not got one of these particular skills, it just means it is an opportunity for you to learn that new skill and become a better leader.

As history has shown us, not all leaders get it right and when I worked as a Head of Service in a Housing Association, I appreciate that I could have done things a little differently on some occasions. The one thing I was particularly passionate about was about finding ways to empower others regardless of experience or time in a role. Leadership can be demonstrated in a cross-section of an Organisation not just in the hierarchy. I think this is so important for businesses to consider especially when it comes to succession planning. So when I posed the title of this blog as 'Leadership is for the over 50's', it was done to invite and challenge perceptions. I think it is important to encourage leadership especially in the young if we want to develop entrepreneurship and innovation more in the future. Leadership skills are needed in all roles and industries regardless of status and it is important to remember that what jobs we are doing today are shaping the jobs of tomorrow. It is a constantly moving feast.

November is our Leadership Month and to end the month on a high, we are interviewing the incredible Lucy Barkas from 3WH's, as our guest on our Business Startup & Enterprise Week Podcast.(out on the 1st Dec). Lucy is a Leadership expert, an Author of the Book 'Generation X' ( Looking at this very topic: Leadership), and a fellow Podcaster. Keep a lookout on our other Social Media Channels for our Podcast or take a listen to Lucy's Podcast via her website the 3WH here.

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