Mentoring is the same as Coaching??

This month we dedicate to Mentoring. We hope this short blog will help you understand what mentoring is and provide you our top tips on how to be a better mentor. After starting my business I quickly realised that I needed to have a mentor to support me based on their real-life experience from a leader that had a successful business.

This was separate from coaching and It is important to note that a coach and a mentor fulfill different functions. I was fortunate to have had a number of different mentors while at Uni, but the one constant has been Katy Rees from SMILE Education. Katy was an Entrepreneur in residence at the University of Worcester, while I did my entrepreneurial degree. She is a truly inspirational businesswoman and has provided me with guidance, wisdom, and has been brilliant for building my network within the education sector.What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person with an increased knowledge or experience in a particular field then the mentee. This is regardless of age or gender.

A mentor often takes a holistic approach to provide support in numerous areas to the mentee. You do not need to have a qualification to become a mentor but a passion to help others is vital.

What is mentoring?

  1. Someone who can provide advice on personal development or knowledge-based skills.

  2. Active listener, someone with excellent communication skills.

  3. Someone who has got the T-shirt, been there, done that. It is useful to understand different peoples insights in how they overcame challenges and turned them into positive learning experiences

  4. Someone who encourages you to do self-reflection. How else can you become more self-aware?

  5. A non-judgemental sounding board, to aid the creative process it's useful to bounce ideas around. Sharing ideas can help you improve on what your original thought process was. Finding better solutions or new innovation

  6. Introduction to networks and contacts. Diversity can help enrichen your ideas and perspectives. Along with the possibility of new opportunities.

  7. Empowerer. By mentoring someone you are there to encourage responsibility and accountability. You as the mentor are facilitating the process.

  8. Give career advice. This can be through looking at your weaknesses or areas for development and most importantly your strengths

If you get the opportunity to be a mentor or would like a mentor then we would urge you to reach out and find one, it could massively help you and your business. It could be the difference between failure and success. We all want you to succeed, right!

Give us a call if you think we could help you in a mentoring role, we would be happy to help. Tel no 07583474539

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