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Updated: May 25, 2021

What is resilience anyway? The definition of resilience is ‘The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness’.I think resilience is much more than this and the 5 Pillars of Resilience is a great model to help you build yours.

  • Self Awareness

  • Purpose

  • Selfcare

  • Relationships

  • Mindfulness

Self Awareness

To be more resilient it is useful to be more self aware. In terms of how you are feeling in any given situation or how you respond to others. Your thoughts and feelings are always within your power to control. The best way to learn more is to write a diary, looking at your strengths and areas for improvement. Trying new things is a great way to explore this further, how you coped and reacted to any given situation.


It is important to have a purpose, for me it was about starting my businesses to help people achieve their full potential, for you it could be completely different; like being better in your job, or improving your health and wellbeing. That’s why it is a great idea to set yourself new goals and aspirations. Start by jotting down 5 new things you want to achieve this year. Then focus on them, what do you need to make them a success? Then jot them down too, by breaking larger goals down in to smaller manageable bitesize chunks your more likely to be able to achieve them.


It is important to practise self care on a regular basis, it is what will help you become more resilient, reduce stress and be more rejuvenated. If you have higher energy levels, you will be more focussed and happier.

Selfcare can be taking time out of your day, to do something you enjoy, it can be eating a healthier diet, or it could be just taking your dog out for a walk. Whatever it is, find your happy place and invest more time in doing that.


Resilience empowers and sustains healthy relationships,Having good social relationships is clearly a winning strategy in life, tied to greater psychological and physical well-being. Thus, it’s not surprising that social relationships also matter when it comes to resiliency, in part because they help us feel less stress when we are suffering.

Invest time in the relationships you have, and prioritise building better relationships.


I then put mindfulness at the centre of my life, living in the present moment, being grateful for the important things in life such as my health, my relationships and having a roof above my head. Resilience can be built when practicing mindfulness and it goes hand in hand with self care and self awareness.

Life can accelerate us forward at a pace that means we are in automatic pilot, or going through the motions rather than doing things with purpose and focus.. It is far better to take things slowly, giving yourself time to reflect and reassess your priorities. This is the real essence of living life Mindfully. You will become more resilient as a result of it.

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